Soybeans we value

Biomagker is a reliable producer and supplier of GMO free seeds and grains. We are the breeder of the Borbála soybean variety, which was created for human food productions. Our breeding program is commited to provide high quality products while promoting environmentally sound and sustainable agriculture.

We also supply soybean seeds for farmers and high quality grains for food producers.

100% GMO free

Borbala was breeded in Hungary and registered in the EU database of plant varieties since 2017.

Great for ecological farming

Borbala’s production qualities are suitable for organic farmers to cultivate soybean successfully.

Outstanding content values

Due to its high protein content and its easily crunching cell structure, the Borbála variety is great for human food processing, e.g. tofu production.

Our Products

  • NON-GMO high protein and high performing variety, suitable for organic farming, great for human food industry
  • TKW 220-230gr and yellow hilum
  • Indeterminate flowering, disease tolerance, branches with big round leaves
  • 40-42% protein and 19-20% oil content
  • NON-GMO extremely high protein variety
  • Maturity 110-120 days, TKW 170-180 gr, yellow hilum
  • Indeterminate flowering, high sowing density
  • Its seeds are easy to process, valuable feed and for dietary purposes
  • 44-46% protein and 19-20% oil content

"Due to its high protein content, soy is a functional food - it also plays a prominent role in animal feed. Produced under ecological conditions, free of genetic modification, it is a high-quality raw material."

Ecological Agricultural Research Institute of Hungary (ÖMKi)