Producer opinion on the Borbala variety

The following lines come from soy producer Zoltán Korsós, and we thank him for the words of praise. 

“I farm in the village of Decs in the flood plain of the Danube river, the micro climate here is suitable for soy bean growing, yet it is only found in a small number of farms in the crop rotation. I have been dealing with soy since 2002 and, despite the initial difficulties, I have not given up on growing it because I consider it one of the most profitable plants. I now have developed technology for my own fields. There are some excellent varieties that I’ve managed to fit into my farm, but I find the Borbála the luckiest choice of all. I could say that this variety represents the golden mean to me. Apart from having a high protein content (37% in 2018) it is also a high-yield variety: in 2018 we harvested more than 4 tonnes of it per acre. It responds well to the distance between 4.5 and 5 cm at the 53 cm range I use. Compared to the tried-and-tested varieties, the head closes much faster and pays off pre-closure cultivation. I cut soy with a combine harvester, and even so, my crop loss of Borbála is minimal, which is due to the higher-than-average lower sleeve height and the fact that it is not prone to softening.”(Korsós Z.)

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